XFree86 CVS source tree?

XFree86 CVS source tree?

Post by Davi » Thu, 23 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know of any CVS mirrors of the XFree86 4.x source tree?  I
need to get a recent (within the last 2 weeks) mirror of the tree, but
anoncvs.xfree.org seems to have been witched over to some sourceforge
server that's not answering requests.  I don't see any CVS mirrors on
xfree's web site, and the only source tree I can find on their server
is several months old.

Thanks for any help


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I can't seem to find any documentation regarding the different directory
structures from the current (dev) CVS tree and the released structure.

In the releases, the source is in src/*

In the current (dev) CVS tree, the source is broken up into a few


Does anyone know why this is done this way?  Doesn't this confuse the

 Thanks for any help.


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