X Server Time is REAL time of day???

X Server Time is REAL time of day???

Post by Marc L. Alle » Thu, 07 Nov 1996 04:00:00


I've been tracking down a problem where a lot of my X applications start
acting wierd if I set the clock back.  (The most notible is FVWM which
sorta stops doing anything until the time is restored.)  Anything which
uses X times seem to stop operating, also.

After some investigation, I've found that the X Server seems to use the
current Time Of Day as it's server time.  I would have expected it to
use system jiffies, or something which can never go backwards during an
X session.

Is there any way around this problem?  From what I've found in the
O'Reilly books on Xlib, the server time is usually something other than
the Time Of Day.

Please response by email as well as posting, as my new service is
sporadic at best.



Marc L. Allen
Schlumberger Technologies
Staff Engineer

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