Running different window managers simultaneously

Running different window managers simultaneously

Post by Tracy William » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Caution: This does seem to be a bit unstable (window managers sometimes just
die, but so far no lockups on the ones that survive).

I'm sure this is old stuff for some Linux users, but I just found out how to
run different window managers (WindowMaker, Icewm, Blackbox, etc) at the same
time (from, the "Josh's Linux Guide" section).  I have my
.xinitrc set up like

    exec wmaker
  #exec icewm
  #exec blackbox
  #exec qvwm

and I normally just uncomment the WM I want to run.  But I didn't know that you
could run WindowMaker by typing "startx", open up an xterm, edit the .xinitrc
file to start Blackbox, type "nohup startx -- :1 -quiet &" and switch back and
forth between WindowMaker and Blackbox by "ctrl-alt-F7" and "ctrl-alt-F8".  
It does take up tons of memory (I have 128MB, so I have been able to open up 4
different WM's), but I haven't noticed any real slowdowns.  If your question is
"why would you want to do this anyway", then the answer is "just to see the cool
things that Linux can do".



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Call me a retard, but I'm wondering if it's possible to run two
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if such a thing exists.  If it does, how does one start them?
And if one can run two window managers at the same time,
are there any serious problems with memory sharing, etc?
Thanks much in advance,



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