HP term emulation

HP term emulation

Post by Richard Moldov » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 15:14:55

Has anyone seen anything that runs under X that emulates some of the
fancier HP terminals (I think I am looking for HP 2392 emulation or
something like that.)  Thanks in advance.

1. ANSI Term Emulation for MACintosh

Hi everybody,

Has anyone of you folks ever come across an ANSI terminal emulation client programm
for macintosh? I need to connect a MAC box to an SCO host running ODT 3.0 and an
application I would like to access from the MAC box. Accessing that application works
perfectly well from any DOS/Win 3.1x machine, but getting a working MAC terminal
emulation doing the same thing seems to be quite a task.

Thanks for your attention

Paulusberger E. Georg

|                           Georg E. Paulusberger                         |
|                          U NIX  S upport  G roup                        |
|                      University of Salzburg, Austria                    |


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