compiling motif 1.2.5 under linux

compiling motif 1.2.5 under linux

Post by Doug Ack » Sun, 08 Jan 1995 06:57:40

anyone have any hints so I dont reinvent the wheel??

1. compiling Motif 2.0 with a recent linux distro

i have access to motif 2.0 at work and have been trying to compile it
on a redhat 6.1/6.0 system.  I actually did get it to compile but not
any shared libs.

I had an old set of patches/instructions to get it to compile under
the old glibc/X stuff but they don't patch cleanly at all now.

Has anyone pointers to freely available patches to get it to compile?
I've tried compiling lesstif-latest in 2.0 mode but the binaries i
have (and am trying to support) just core dump.

Any tripups/traps/gotcha's info would be appreciated.


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