Flat Panel LCDs?

Flat Panel LCDs?

Post by jgu.. » Mon, 12 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I'm considering purchasing a flat panel lcd
monitor to reduce the footprint of my current
system. What do I need to considering running
these monitors with Xfree86?

I'm assuming any analog lcd monitor capable of
supporting the appropriate resolutions should be
fine under Xfree86, after all it runs fine on lcd
notebook monitors.

What about the digital lcds? Anyone have
experience with the viewsonic digitals? Are the
cards supported in XF86? What about the commercial

Seems it should all work withiut a hitch but at
about a kilobuck for 15inches I need some


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1. Digital flat-panel LCD

hi all,

I recently bought a digital flat panel monitor and need some suggestions
on adding it to my linux box (RH6.2, kernel 2.2.14)

The DFP LCD monitor uses a 20-pin MDS(DFP) to connect to PC's video card,
but my old video card only has analog VGA output. So here is a list of my
desired configuration (ranked in preferrence)

1. get a VGA(DB-15)-to-DFP(MDS-20) adaptor (which is probably not vailable
since there is A/D conversion involved)

2. get a new video card that has both a DFP and a VGA connector, and that
supports dual-head so that my old CRT can be used

3. get a new video card that has only a DFP output

My research found two major mfrs of such DFP-supporting video cards:
ATI's Xpert LCD (8MB) and
Matrox's Millennium series (G200 and G450) (support dual-head)

I need some information as to if and how well these cards are supported by
Linux. Has anyone out there had similar experience working with digital
flat panel LCD monitors?

It would also be helpful if someone has installed Linux on a Compaq
Presario desktop that uses FP700 LCD monitor - could you tell me what
video card was used?



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