Netscape Problem

Netscape Problem

Post by Alex Roj » Fri, 29 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Does anybody know a solution for the Netscape's problem that when you
type a URL, while the IP address is solved, I meen, while the system is
looking for the IP address of the URL, Netscape keeps unstopable, and


P.d: Sorry but I thing my english is not very good.


1. Netscape Problem (user problem, more probably)

hi to all,

im new to linux, and having problem with the netscape bundled with
redhat 7.1

i am able to connect to my isp provider, and i believe i configured my
moden correctly.

however, i cant start browsing the net through netscape (ive only
tried using netscape though)
whenever i type a http address e.g., it wont get me
there ..

i cant get past the "Looking for" part.

i have in my ->edit->preferences->advance->proxies set up as direct

i beleive i am connected to my isp ..

what else have i missed


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