Diamond Stealth 32-PCI & XFree

Diamond Stealth 32-PCI & XFree

Post by Michael Roob » Fri, 31 Mar 1995 04:00:00

Can someone lend some assistance and expertice?  I've tried to summarize
below some of my assumptions and troubleshooting attempts to date.
I'm running the Slackware distribution and Xfree 3.1 from the Nov. 94
InfoMagic CD-ROM package.

From what I've been able to gather, I understand that Diamond adds a chip
to the Stealth 32-PCI that alters the clock speed of the ET4000 W32P (rev.a)
chip.  I visited Diamond's WWW site and found a C program listed under
their XFree86 support category (no instructions or other information was
listed for my card).  I assumed that this program was like the FREQ program
and was called from the XF86Config file.

The program was written for DOS and compiles fine under DOS.  I have just
enough C experience to tell that some of the functions the C program calls
from the DOS.H file simply do not exist in the GNU compilers and that the
program must be re-written for Linux in order to run.  I don't understand
why it was written in DOS - isn't Xfree for UNIX?

I've called the Diamond Technical Support line and was told by a recording
to send an Email or a fax to get support.  I sent an Email and received no
response, then a fax that was also met with silence (this was 1.5 weeks

Am I completely confused in my assumption that I need an external clock
setting program (similar to Freq), written specifically to the specs of
the Diamond revisions, that I call from my XFree config file in order to
get X running?  My C skills are not near strong enough to attempt to
re-write the Diamond program for Linux.  Has someone already accomplished
this feat and if so, be willing to send me the program?

Many Thanks,

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1. Diamond Stealth 32 - PCI and XFree


        I was wondering if anyone with experience using XFree 3.1 and
Linux can help me out. I am running Linux 1.1.91 (I think) on a
Gateway 486-66 with 8Mg. I have a DEC VRT17-HA monitor (which I think
is really a Sony trinitron). I installed XFree3.1 and borrowed a
Stealth 32 Config file from someone who helped me out. He also gave me
the freq program which I guess is supposed to tune the clocks from the
video card. When I changed the Config file and started X (startx) the
monitor first blanked out, a bunch of dots appeared, then it flashed
and went back to console mode with an error being displayed that the
mouse was busy..(/dev/mouse busy??) I'm pretty sure the mouse is OK.
I have a PS/2 style mouse.

        Can anyone help me out?


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