Netscape 4.07 on RHL 5.1?

Netscape 4.07 on RHL 5.1?

Post by James Omur » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I'm almost finished upgrading my Red Hat Linux 5.1 to the most
current updates (just all the 5.1 upgrades -- not upgrading to 5.2).
However, the last version of Netscape Communicator/Navigator for
RHL 5.1 is Communicator 4.06.  However, 4.06 had security issues which
were corrected in 4.07.  Also, 4.07 might be a bit better debugged
in other ways.  Has anybody tried the 4.07 distribution which is
part of RHL 5.2 with RHL 5.1?  Were there problems with this
combination or can I do this upgrade without replacing the rest
of the OS with RHL 5.2?


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1. RHL 5.1, Netscape 4.07 FTP Freeze

     I've been using RedHat Linux 5.1 with all the upgrades up to last
Samba upgrade (I haven't made the latest Kernel upgrade yet, but
I don't think that is causing this problem).

     I upgraded the Netscape Communicator package to the 4.07
package which comes with RHL 5.2.  For the most part, it
works without problems.  But I am having a problem which,
as far as I can remember, was not occuring before.  I was
doing some FTP downloads yesterday and I found that after
a few minutes, the animated Icon in the download window
would stop.  Shortly after that, the FTP download would
freeze up.  If I hit a key on the keyboard or move the mouse,
then the download continues and the animated Icon continues.

     I think it's probably something to do with an "energy
saver" or a "screen saver" function somewhere.  Does anybody
know anything about this problem?

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