Problem getting X to work with CL-GD5436 PCI Card

Problem getting X to work with CL-GD5436 PCI Card

Post by Frank Culros » Tue, 07 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I recently upgraded my motherboard and added a Cirrus Logic GD5436 PCI card (1MB). As
a new model, this card is not yet "known" to X.

I have been trying to run the card as a default VGA/SVGA compatible but X keeps setting
the default resolution to 320 x 200, which is not very workable!

How can I force X to use a higher resolution?


Problem getting X to work with CL-GD5436 PCI Card

Post by Frank Culros » Thu, 09 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I solved my own problem! For the benefit of others who encounter this card, here's how -

1. Use "xf86config" to generate a new /etc/XF86Config file. Select "Cirrus GD543x" from
   available drivers. (If not available, use "Cirrus GD542x" instead)

2. Edit /etc/XF86Config. Find the lines

        # Device configured by xf86config:
                Identifier "Cirrus Logic GD543x"
                VendorName "<whatever you entered when running xf86config>"
                BoardName  "<as above>"
                #VideoRam  <bytes of video ram, e.g. 1024>

  Below these lines, add

        # Force detection of clgd5436 as earlier clgd5430 - (if version of Linux
        # lacks 543x option, substitute highest available 542x driver name)
                Clockchip  "cirrus"
                Chipset    "clgd5430"  

  The next 2 lines may be present already, so just alter them, otherwise enter
  them (for MemBase, enter frame buffer address that your card uses)

                MemBase  "0xF0000000"
                Option   "linear"

3. Save the file and run X - your system should now recognise the card as an
   earlier version. (Note: I did try setting Chipset to "clgd5434", but this caused
   display instability when dragging windows around the desktop)

Many thanks - I hope this may be of help to someone else.


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I have a problem with my CIRRUS LOGIC 5436 PCI card, it has a 64bit processor,
but it doesn't exist a XServer for it....
i have the Slackware 2.3.0 and it supports only CLGD5434!!!!
So if i try to run XF86_SVGA, it fails!

So i need a new XServer for this card, if it exist.....

Do you know if it exist???

anticipated thanx

                              ___> BYE   IVAN <___

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