XFree86 3.2 with Trident 9660

XFree86 3.2 with Trident 9660

Post by Yanik Proul » Sun, 10 Nov 1996 04:00:00


        Hope you can help me out. I'm new to Linux and have just installed
version 3.2 of XF86 on the RedHat Linux.

        I have a Trident 9660 with 1Mb mem.

        When I use RedHat's XInstallation, everything seems fine, but when I
start X, I get a black & white wavy background pattern, the cursor show
up correctly and moves around ok, the resolution seems ok, but nothing
happens. I get nothing but this empty (except from the background and

        This problem occured with the X version (3.1.?) that came with the
package and with the newer 3.2 version that supposedly support the
Trident 9660.

        Please help, I've been at it for over a week!

        Thank you,