RH8 Gnome panel modem applet

RH8 Gnome panel modem applet

Post by Alan C » Fri, 11 Oct 2002 06:35:55


ifup ppp0 or like/similar/very near to that


And, my panel modem control applet shows on the panel but the applet doesn't

How to get the applet to do its tasks that it is supposed to do?

Thanks much.  Alan.


1. RH8.0 gnome cd applet mute


I did the upgrade from 7.3 >> 8.0 this weekend (first dot-oh RH I've
used since 5.0) and am very pleased especially with the move to
gnome2. Only problem I'm having is that the cd applet is failing
to produce sound. Sound works fine elsewhere; system sounds, mp3
files, realaudio all work fine. The cd drive activity light indicates
that it's playing and the applet shows track #'s and progress but no
sound comes out. I've checked the physical connection from the drive
to the sound card and that's not it. I've checked the mixer settings
and all looks fine there. Can anyone drop me a clue?

Brendan McEnaney

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