goofy X menus

goofy X menus

Post by Joseph Howel » Thu, 05 Feb 1998 04:00:00


I'm having a problem with drop-down menus under X.  When I try to access
a menu, some menus "jump" to behind the window of whatever prog I have
up.  Sometimes they just "flash" for a moment then vanish (even if I
hold down the mouse button). Ususally I have to click a few times before
the menu will stay put.

This is not endemic to any specific program; but I've noted that it
happens with most (if not all) tcl/tk progs. Also happens with Netscape
and others.  But it does not happen with root window menus.

I have xfree86 (most current version...forget the #) and kernel 2.0.32.
This has been happening since my most recent kernel upgrade a couple
months ago, not my xfree86 upgrade (which I did after that).  Everything
else (all the slackware packages) are up-to-date too, BTW.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Joe Howell

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