Help on Diamond Stealth Pro 24 (1MB VRAM) XF86Config...

Help on Diamond Stealth Pro 24 (1MB VRAM) XF86Config...

Post by agrawal_vij » Sun, 05 Mar 1995 04:00:21

  I  have a Diamond Stealth Pro 24 (1MB VRAM) but the XF86Config does
not seem to recognize it.
  I would appreciate if someone who has already done such a configuration
can send me the Config file.


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: Hi All,
:     Subject line says everything. Can somebody please post the XF86Config
: file for the above configuration. I have tried using xf86config and using the
: clockchip entry "icd2061a".  It somtimes works and sometimes just freezes the
: machine and I have to do a hardboot.

: I have a Nanao Flexscan 9070S monitor.

: Thanks in Advance,

: Raghu

ftp to, and search through /pub/Linux/X11/diamond (I
think.)  You'll want to DL ds3, which will set your third clock
correctly.  you'll probably want it at 63.00 for 1024x769 ni mode.  From
there, you can use one of the support files (also available from
sunsite) to return the Sync numbers.  Use 65 as your DOT CLOCK.  It
should return numbers that work.

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