How to run Genoa WinVGA on PCI bus?

How to run Genoa WinVGA on PCI bus?

Post by Claude Walst » Mon, 29 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I was given a Genoa WinVGA model 8540 PCI for Christmas.  
I still haven't been able to get XFree86 to do anything but shut the
monitor down.  
Has anyone had any success with this beaste??
The chip is a Cirrus Logic model CL-GD5440
It is identified by SuperProbe as a cl-gd5430. Evidently XFree doesn't
know about 5440s (yet?) That may be OK, because the 5440 is supposed
to be software compatible with the 5430.

Thanks for any insight you can give.


1. anyone experienced with Genoa WinVGA Model 8540 for PCI?

I have brought up a couple of dozen combinations of monitor,
motherboard and display adapter on XFree in the last 3 years,
but this one has me stumped.

I was given a new PCI motherboard (Trident chipset) and Genoa
"WinVGA Video Graphics Accelerator Board (Model 8540 Series) "
for Christmas.  The display just doesn't want to come up in anything
but blank screen mode or character mode. (That is what happens
in Linux.. Win95 finally came up sorta OK).  The monitor is so blanked
that it goes into power down mode a "few" seconds after I type

I have tried to contact Genoa to ask why the software provided with
the board won't work on Win95 (The generic stuff provided by Cirrus to
Microsoft works sorta OK), but Genoa won't bother to respond to phone
calls or E-mail.  

I have two questions:
1. I think that the chipset in the board is a Cirrus Logic 8540, but
Genoa doesn't list the chip mfg or model anywhere in there users
manual.  Is my guess correct?

2. Has anyone gotten this board to function properly with XFree??
Any special tricks or traps to watch out for?  Any special version
of XFree needed ( I'm running a pretty vanilla version of slackware
at the moment).  Conversly, has anyone NOT been able to get this
board to work.

Thanks for any assistance you may offer.

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