RedHat 5.1 + Diamond Stealth II S220 + XFCom_Rendition

RedHat 5.1 + Diamond Stealth II S220 + XFCom_Rendition

Post by Tony/Marl » Tue, 08 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Dear X community,

I'm having problems with a Diamond Stealth II S220

        Diamond Stealth II S220 card w/4mb video ram (purchased June 1998)
        CTX CVP 5468NI 14" monitor (purchased Fall of 1991)
        Abit TX5 (Intel 430TX chipset) motherboard w/64mb ram
        AMD K6-300 (no 3D-Now)
        (SB 16 PnP ISA; Zoom 14.4 ISA)

        Windows NT 4 Server w/ Service pack 3
        Windows 98
        RedHat Linux 5.1

         Windows NT 4 Server, what came on the CD with the card
        under Windows 98, file sii95110.exe from Diamond
        under RedHat 5.1 Linux, SuSE's XFCom_Rendition X server + fvwm

        When I run startx X begins in 640x480; but the image is squashed into 2/3
of the screen. The electron gun paints the whole image starting about 1"
from the top of the tube, and ends about 1" from the bottom. (SuSE advised
trying xvidtune, which I did, but all it can do is make the painted pixels
get a bit closer to the top of the place where the gun is painting, that
is, to 1 inch below the top of the tube.) (I can also use the vertical
control to stretch the image to fit on the tube, but then I get a stretched
        I can switch to 800x640 and I get the same squashed screen; the colors are
really pale; the image is rotated to the right. (This rotation I can fix
with vidtune.)
        I can switch to 1024x768. Now the screen is *not* squashed, but it is
rotated around to the righ (so the right edge is off the screen) and the
colors are very pale. Again the rotation can be fixed either by using the
horizontal control on the monitor or by using xvidtune.
        I described this behavior to SuSE and they didn't know what was going on.
        The card/monitor combination works perfectly on Windows NT. I use 800x640
since 1024x768 is a little too small for my eyes.
        The card/monitor combination works fairly well on Windows 98 but it has
similar problems to what happens under Linux. My login screen is messed up:
the screen image is 2/3 its full height, and wrapped around the right side
of the screen. Once logged in, sometimes I get a full 800x600 SVGA screen
and sometimes I get the 2/3 screen. If I use the Diamond setting program, I
can set it to the full sized 800x600 screen, but even then, when I select
that, sometimes it stays in the 2/3 sized screen. The program will not
change the resolution to 1024x768, even though the monitor will suppport it
(I can change to this resolution under WinNT).

I've been using fvwm+X+Linux enough to know that if I could get the
monitor/card setup to work properly it would be a real joy.

If you could reply to

that would make my life easier; if you like I can repost any advice you
might have.

Thank you very much!

Anthony Dardis


RedHat 5.1 + Diamond Stealth II S220 + XFCom_Rendition

Post by Frank Har » Thu, 10 Dec 1998 04:00:00

>> When I run startx X begins in 640x480; but the image is squashed into
>> of the screen.

Did you install the Rendition server frome SuSe? They are implimented in
XFree 86 3.3.3. I had the same problem when I installed X with the standard
SVGA or VGA server.



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