xfs and sawfish

xfs and sawfish

Post by Peter B. Steige » Sat, 09 Nov 2002 03:34:53

Per my question last week about reducing the memory footprint of a
minimalist X desktop, I abandoned KDE and Gnome altogether and now I just
launch sawfish, sawfish-client, and an Xterm window at startup.  The
titlebars were hard to read and I figured I would change them to a
different font, such as the Comic TTF that I ported over from my old Win95

Alas!  The font list that sawfish-ui offers does not include the fonts in
my truetype path.

Interestingly, "xset q" doesn't show the truetype path either.  I have only
the one line in my XF86Config file, per xfs recommendations:
FontPath "unix/:7100"  Then all the fonts are specified in the
/etc/X11/fs/config file in the catalogue section.  So where does xset q get
this font path:

Finally, when I brought up kcontrol, KDE does recognize the xfs font path.  
So... is it normal for xset and sawfish to be unaware of xfs, or am I doing
something wrong?

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY

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