PS/2 mouse: Day 2, the Saga continues ... please help!

PS/2 mouse: Day 2, the Saga continues ... please help!

Post by Mike Lucen » Sat, 23 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Hardware: Packard-Bell (Ok, so I'm cheap!) Pentium-60, PS/2-type mouse (even the book
says so and the AUX port gives it away).

Software: X 3.1.2 from the Sunsite XFree86 distribution.

I use "setup" (I have the Slackware Linux 3.0 distribution) to select the PS/2 mouse. (That
compiles the kernal, right?).

XF86Config file, pointer section, specifies PS/2 and /dev/mouse. When I try changing to
/dev/psaux then X won't even come all the way up. Same problem when linking /dev/mouse to
/dev/psaux using "ln -sf psaux mouse" as somebody suggested.

No matter what I do I get pretty windows and a very stupid mouse that runs to the top and won't
behave! What do I do?


1. please help - continuing saga of trying to get LPC3-TX PCMCIA Ethernet working

Just so OBVIOUS that there is a make-...rpm huh!, so having solved my  make
command not being found - just by looking at the rpms by the way naturally
the next problem surfaced immediately -

in one of the files [pcnet_cs.c in fact] there are a lot of:

#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include </linux/config.h>
#incude </linux/version.h>

There was not a /usr/src/linux  folder before I started and
I had downloaded the source as in  linux-2.2.14.tar.gz and gzip -d  and
tar'd it whilst in /usr/src
BUT the above files are actually in

/usr/src/linux/include/linux/config.h     and is the only config.h  in
/usr/src/linux/arch/i386/math-emu/version.h   and is the only version.h in
/usr/src/linux/include/linux/kernel.src                and is the only one
of these !!!

I have also downloaded a 1.5MB  patch-2.2.14.gz  file but am not sure what
to do with it ??

WHAT have I done wrong!! Have I downloaded the kernel for something other
than Mandrake OR indeed has Techworks given me something that works only
with SUSE / RedHAt perhaps ???

DO all the different flavours of Linux actually use the same source layout
in that the version.h should always be in the  /usr/src/linux   folder??

Oh God, I can't afford to go out and buy a PCMCIA Ethernet card that is
supported I just don't have the funds available. Please help me get over
this hurdle folks.

One last thing - in the  makefile provided by Techworks they have a variable
INC in this form:

PCMCIASRC = /usr/src/pcmcia                           - this I dowloaded
INC = -I/usr/src/linux -I$(PCMCIASRC)/include -I/usr/src/linux \
if thats of any help??

Ian Turnbull
0961 931941

Web  :

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