Request: XF86Config wanted for Spea V7-Mirage P32 (VL)

Request: XF86Config wanted for Spea V7-Mirage P32 (VL)

Post by Andreas Waltenspi » Mon, 24 Jul 1995 04:00:00


I'm using a Spea V7-Mirage P32 and got xserver version 3.1.1.
Has anyone got an XF86config file setup with this card?

Help appreciated
Andreas Waltenspiel

IRC: Walt (on #hamburg most probably)




SPEA V7 MIRAGE (VL) with S3 805 chip

why is't only possible to start linux in the 3 normal vga modes.

(linux doesn't recognize the card)

X works fine with this card. but if i shutdown X and go to the normal
textmode the whole screen is black. only a cursor appears. you can do
everything (reset, clear, ... etc.) but the only one i can do is to
make a reboot.

                                thanks in advance


what speed memory is standard with it.  

start linux and type the follwing

#cd /usr/X386/bin

this should give you all informations about yout card.


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