HELP! Can't get X to work with Diamond Stealth 2001

HELP! Can't get X to work with Diamond Stealth 2001

Post by Eugene Ch » Thu, 28 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I haven't been able to get Xwindows to work off Slackware 3.0
(Infomagic 9/96, Xfree 3.1.2, Linux 2.0)
(Hardware: Micron Millennia Pentium 133,
        Diamond Stealth 64 2001 Graphics: 2Mb, ARK2000PV, ICS5342-3 DAC
        Monitor: I believe its an ADI5E, pretty standard SVGA monitor,

I can (sort of) get Xfree to work when I use the VGA server.

When I try to run the SVGA server (which claims to support the ARK2000PV
chipset), it sorts through the various video modes, and then just sits there
(black screen).  Ctrl-Alt-Backspace won't kill the server, but switching
consoles (Alt-F2) will make the Xserver realize it can't communicate to the
Xclient, and dumps core.  There are no other obvious error messages.

I run MAKEDEV console, xf86config, use the menu to select the DAC, add a
ChipSet line, check the /var/X11R6/bin link, run startx, and wallah, nothing.  
And I've done my share of configuration variations.

I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate a response from someone who has this hideous
video card. (preferably someone who got X to work...)

As a side note, I can't get the LINUX page from Diamond anymore.  Does anyone
know if Diamond has resumed its antipathy with XFree86, or is it merely
reverting to benign neglect?

Please CC: me with the email address on the bottom with any followups.


O-  Eugene

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1. Help on Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2001 Series

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Thank you for all the responses to my video card question. The  
Xfree86 Version 3.2 's "xconfig" has this specific diamond video
card on the server list. I just select the card on the lists.
Specifically, it uses S3 Trio 64+ server (driver).
I have no problems of configuring or
running my X windows. I have enclosed a summary of the
responses I have received.


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From: Mark Hahn
Subject: Re: Help: Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2001 Series

: Stealth 64 Video 2001 series Multimedia Accelerator video card for
: Xfree86 v. 3.1 or up.

get 3.2

: web sites and I could not find a driver for this specific video card.

it's just like any other Trio64V+ card in the universe.  vendors
don't matter; chipsets do.

From: Jesse Paul Whittemore

  I don't know about the "Multimedia Accelerator", but the
Stealth64 Video 2001 is based on the S3 chipset.  The XFree86 S3
server handles this card.

  Be aware that there is a card with a very similar name, but
very with different insides: the "Stealth64 Graphics 2001" uses
the ARK2000PV chipset, and thus the SVGA server.

  Get the XFree 3.2 release from one of the mirror sites.  Choose
the S3 server.


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