can't find library ''

can't find library ''

Post by Dan C » Sat, 24 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I upgraded to the Slackware 3.0.0 cdrom lately. Since then most X
programs dont seem to run, they usually fail giving a message like:

 /usr/games/doom/linuxxdoom: can't find library ''

I have created a link in my /usr/X11/lib directory from the so.6 version,
but that didnt work. This happens with more than just the Xt library,
some with X11 and other programs fail on other libs.

I tried running xplaygizmo, and it fails with a :

xplaygizmo: can't find library ''

, but I have that file in my /usr/X11/lib

I have reinstalled twice, and installed Slack3.0.0 on two other systems,
and all systems fail in the same way.

I installed the 1.2.13 kernel, and I installed almost everything from all
the disk sets. Most programs that come as part of a diskset work,
(exception of doom). It is other programs that fail.

Is there some path that isnt getting set propery????



1. can't find library ''


A question from a beginner :

I always get a similar message when trying to run a X-package
Linux kernel is 1.3.18

For instance, I've downloaded Mosaic-linux-2.6.Z with Netscape (Win)
Started Linux and :
- cp /dosc/mosaic~1 /mosaic.z
- gzip -d mosaic.z

Now I have an executable file mosaic

When starting  I receive in subject mentioned error

- find / -name -print
gives me : /usr/X11R6/lib/
and : /usr/i486-linux/lib/

-echo $PATH says :

What else do I have to do ?


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