Keyboard problems (with the RWIN key)

Keyboard problems (with the RWIN key)

Post by Lars Wireen » Fri, 08 Aug 1997 04:00:00


I've been working a while now on a keyboard problem that I have. The
problem is that the right w*ndows key doesn't work under X. I run
XFree86 3.2 and I've modified the kernel to detect the keycode (my
keyboard delivers 0xE0 0x05 instead of assumed 0xE0 0x5D) and in the
/usr/X11/lib/X11/xkb/symbols/se be key <AD12> { [diaeresis, asciicircum],
[ascii_tilde, dead_macron] } (which I don't think is the problem). My
keyboard settings is:

XkbRules "xfree86"
XkbModel "microsoft"
XkbLayout "se"
XkbVariant "nodeadkeys"
XkbOptions "grp:switch,ctrl:ctrl_aa"

I have checked with xev and the key don't generate an event whatsoever and
I've checked with showkey outside X where keycodes are properly reported.

I hope _someone_ can help me and if you think you can but think that I've
given too little information please let me know.



1. Problem with japanese Keyboard key \ (yen key) on 2.5.68

Hash: SHA1


With 2.5.68 (vanilla) I have a problem with using the '\' key.
In 2.4.20-gentoo-r3 this key has the keycode 124 in 2.5.68 it has
keycode 55. I have compiled in the exactly the same native languages and
I don't know any special settings for keyboards actually (default
language is in both kernels UTF8).

Is there anything known about this? If needed I attach all detailed
information, but at the moment I am not sure if needed.

The Base is a Gentoo Linux 1.4rc2 with ~x86 and all latest updates.

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