X Mosaic 2.7b4: What's the 'secret' file?

X Mosaic 2.7b4: What's the 'secret' file?

Post by Richard Abbo » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I know that this beta version of X Mosaic will not fetch any
html without the existence of a 1-line text file.  I've forgotten
the path for this file, and the magic line.  Could someone remind




1. Mosaic: can't find library 'libXm.so.1'

I try to install Mosaic 2.4 (Mosaic-2.4.linux.tar.gz) binaries on Slackware 2 and
connect to the Internet means PPP.


% Mosaic
Mosaic: can't find library 'libXm.so.1'

It is possible to copy Motif libraries?




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