Compudyne KD1500 monitor - equivalents?

Compudyne KD1500 monitor - equivalents?

Post by Spatu » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have a CompUSA Compudyne KD 1500 monitor which my X setup program
does not list.  It is presumably a relabelled version of another
companies' monitor like the rest of the Compudyne stuff :), but I did
not get an instruction booklet with it.  Probably because it was a $199
bargain on the Manager's special table (guaranteed though).  Is there
an equivalent monitor in XF86Config's setup list I could substitute?
So far my Diamond Stealth 64 2Mb DRAM PCI requires pulling and replacing
the SVGA connector to work using the X config I have beyond 800x600
pixel mode.

There must be others using this monitor... ?


1. trouble finding the right modeline for matrox card/compudyne monitor

I have a matrox mystique 220 w/4 megs ram. I have read the various x faqs, as
well as the matrox driver faq.

sigh, anyway, after slugging through a long and painful install of xfree86
3.3.1 I am stuck. For some reason I can only run X in 600x480 27.51Khz mode.
Every other modeline is listed by the server like this:

(--) SVGA: Mode "800x600" needs hsync freq of 35.16 kHz. Deleted.

I've been able to run X in lots of different modes before. My monitors stats
horizontal: 31.5,34-38,35.52,48 Khz
vertical: 50-90Hz

Anyone have any ideas that I might try?

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