Workman/FVWM95-2/Accel X 3.1

Workman/FVWM95-2/Accel X 3.1

Post by Tom Johns » Fri, 11 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Anyone noticed a problem using the Alt-Tab key combination to cycle
through open programs while workman is running?  It seems to work until
it hits the workman application and stops, not allowing you to cycle
through the rest or restart from the first application.

I haven't done any config research .. too many other things to do.




1. Wacom artPad II and X with Accel X 3.1

Is there anyway to get the Wacom artPad II to work under X with Accelerated
X 3.1 as the server?  I mainly want to use it with the gimp.  I found a page
that explained how to do this with the usual servers (ie svga), in which you
added an Xinput section to the xf86config file.  Well, with Accel X, there
doesn't seem to be one.  In the setup program it says you need to modify an
ini file, but it doesn't tell you how.  Has anyone successfully done this?


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