Help: XConfig ET4000/W32p Black Screen

Help: XConfig ET4000/W32p Black Screen

Post by Davis Sal » Wed, 12 Jul 1995 04:00:00

When running "startx", screen flashes, then black with no cursor.
Total system lockup.
Tried a different monitor (with appropriate settings, of course); same result.
Both monitors work under DOS when running Tseng diagnostic utility.

Can you please help! Totally out of ideas!
Any suggestions, angles, info-sources, e-mail addresses, etc.

Running i486DX2 EISA/VESA MB (486-VE-V) with 16Mb RAM
AMIBIOS ver. 1.02
Adaptec 2740A SCSI adapter with 1Gb Seagate and Sony CDU55S CDROM
Have 16Mb swap part. config. for Linux.
Using March'95 Slackware distribution, all series installed except games.
Have excluded some [optional] foreign language fonts.
Used XF86Config program to configure.

One nagging indication comes up!
I mention it on the the off-chance that itmight have something to do with the problem.
During the boot dialog: "No BIOS32 extensions present. This release still dependes on it. Sorry!"
What does this mean?

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I have an ET4000 W32p video board with a Chrontel 8398 chip (I read it directly
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It all works fine with the XF86_SVGA server, but I didn't manage to use the
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Has anyone configured XF86Config to use the XF86_W32 accelerated server ?

you can mail or post.

Thanks a lot !

-Antonio Carzaniga

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