anybody else having core dumps with kde 1.0 + qt 1.40

anybody else having core dumps with kde 1.0 + qt 1.40

Post by Lou Langholt » Sat, 22 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I'm getting core dumps for any KDE 1.0 apps I try selecting text from
with the mouse. Anybody else having that happen as well? Barring using
older releases, what's the fix?

Setup: TurboLinux for PPC (Linux 2.1.24 kernel), KDE 1.0, QT 1.40,
X11R6.3, egcs-2.90.25 (1.0.2 prerelease).

Thanks ;-)


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KDE 1.0 applications are core dumping on me after releasing my mouse at
the end of a clipboard drag selection. Anybody know a fix that doesn't
involve reverting to older sources?

I'm running Linux 2.1.24 for Power Mac and my KDE apps are linked with
Qt 1.40. KDE 1.0 and Qt 1.40 were built with egcs 2.90.25 (egcs-1.0.2
prerelease). gdb backtrace when kvt is run through it claims the
segmentation violation is occuring in QClibboardData::setData() when
I make kvt core dump. I can't help but wonder if setData() isn't somehow
getting accidentally called with format = null.

If anybody's experienced this as well please let me know and let me know
what you've done to fix this if anything. Thanks so much!!!

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