Accelerated X, now what? (newbie)

Accelerated X, now what? (newbie)

Post by Wesley Lemk » Thu, 21 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I just installed the demo version of Accelerated X.  It works fine, but
now what?  When i run it, i get the background and nothing else.  How do
I open a shell?  Install a window manager?  Which window manager should
I use?  How do I set up my PPP account?  etc, etc, etc.  I realize that
is a lot to answer, so a HOWTO or FAQ or web page, that is aimed at a
newbie like me would be fine.  Thanks alot.

Wesley Lemke


Wesley (Buck) Lemke


1. Accelerated X problems from an Accelerated X newbie

Hi folks,

I am very much the newbie at Accelerated X (I have used MetroX for
most of my X needs)

In any case, here is my problem:

Just reinstalled my system:  RedHat 5.1

installed Accelerated X 4.1

getting the following errors


wmaker:  error in loading shared libraries
/usr/X11R6/lib/ undefined symbol: _Xglobal_lock

wmaker never actually starts, just dumps.  I relinked to (it was linked to  I was hoping this
would at least allow me to start window maker, which it did.  The
problem though, was that no applications would work.  Each would give
me some other library error (and attempting to relink them did no

kernel 2.0.35

This occurs with:
window maker (hey i even remembered the space)

can someone please give me some hint as to what may be the issue?
This has been ongoing for most of the weekend.

thanks a ton


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