Running XFCom_3Dlabs server w/ Permedia-based card

Running XFCom_3Dlabs server w/ Permedia-based card

Post by Jeremy Slad » Sun, 13 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hello all,

I have a permedia-based card, PowerColor Permedia C300, 4MB, with a
220MHz ramdac.  I would like to use an accelerated X server to take
advantage of the card, but failing that, any server that will let me run
at 1280x1024x16bpp.  I am running RH5.0, unpatched.

It seems that the XFCom_3DLabs server from Suse is the only possible
accelerated X server, but I am having problems running it.  Following is
the output from running startx after configuring (sort of):

--- [ startx output ] -------------------------------------
XFCom_3DLabs Version 4.21/ X Window System
(protocol Version 11, revision 0, vendor release 6300)
Release Date:  7 September 1998
        If the server is older than 6-12 months, or if your card is newer
        than the above date, look for a newer version before reporting

Operating System: Linux 2.0.33 i686 [ELF]
Configured drivers:
  GLINT: accelerated server for 3DLabs GLINT graphics adapters
(Patchlevel 0)
(using VT number 7)

XF86Config: /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config
(**) stands for supplied, (--) stands for probed/default values
(**) XKB: keycodes: "xfree86"
(**) XKB: types: "default"
(**) XKB: compat: "default"
(**) XKB: symbols: "us(pc101)"
(**) XKB: geometry: "pc"
(**) XKB: rules: "xfree86"
(**) XKB: model: "pc101"
(**) XKB: layout: "us"
(**) Mouse: type: MouseMan, device: /dev/mouse, baudrate: 1200
(**) Mouse: buttons: 3
(**) GLINT: Graphics device ID: "My Video Card"
(**) GLINT: Monitor ID: "My Monitor"
(--) GLINT: Mode "1280x1024" needs hsync freq of 81.13 kHz. Deleted.
(--) GLINT: Invalid vertical timing for mode "400x300". Deleted.
(**) FontPath set to
(--) GLINT: found TI chip GLINT Permedia at card #12 func #0 with base
_X11TransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111
giving up.
xinit:  Connection refused (errno 111):  unable to connect to X server
xinit:  No such process (errno 3):  Server error.

--- [ end startx output ] -------------------------------------

It seems to me that the server is properly detecting the presence of the
Permedia chipset, but something else is going wrong.  Running startx
like this always produces a core file:

--- [ gdb X core output ] --------------------------------------

GDB is free software and you are welcome to distribute copies of it
 under certain conditions; type "show copying" to see the conditions.
There is absolutely no warranty for GDB; type "show warranty" for
GDB 4.16 (i386-redhat-linux), Copyright 1996 Free Software Foundation,
(no debugging symbols found)...
Core was generated by `X :0'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
Reading symbols from /usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib/
(no debugging symbols found)...done.
Reading symbols from /lib/ debugging symbols
Reading symbols from /usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib/
(no debugging symbols found)...done.
Reading symbols from /lib/ debugging symbols
#0  0x8075bca in glintProbe ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x8075bca in glintProbe ()
#1  0x8094815 in xf86Config ()
#2  0x8092554 in InitOutput ()
#3  0x80b8f61 in main ()
#4  0x806bcbe in _start ()
--- [ end gdb X core output ] -----------------------------------

I really don't know much about confuring the XF86Config, such as
ramdac/clock options, chipset id, etc,  but I am willing to learn.  I
simply need some guidance as to where to start.  Any help in this matter
would be appreciated.



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I have been using the X-SuSE-Elsa_GLoria server for Diamond FireGL 1000 Pro
on Redhat 5.0 and FreeBSD.Works great. No problems. You can get the
xserver  from They provide  a modified xf86config card
database so you can config just like any other supported card.

I upgraded from an old 2MB S3 card. I'm very happy with the Diamond card.


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