MetroX garbles screen after quitting X

MetroX garbles screen after quitting X

Post by Roef Ragas ~ » Sat, 30 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I run RH 4.0 on a Thinkpad 365 ED with a C&T 65545 chip.
After I had installed MetroX, I found that X ran faster than
it did with the SVGA-server,
when I jump to another console, or quit X, the screen is garbled,
almost black, with distorted, shrunken textlines glimmering
underneath the other text ... this is the best impression i can give

Does anybody know what to do about it?

thanks in advance,

Roef Ragas


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Hi all,

I am running Red Hat Linux V4.0 out of the box (kernel 2.0.18) with the
MetroX server on an Pentium PC and ET4000w32 display adaptor.  

The problem is, when I quit a window manager (currently fvwm95), my screen
resolution changes to something like (at a guess (400x300) and flickers
like crazy.  It is impossible to use like this, however the system is fully
functional (except starting X again, at which point it crashes).

/var/log/Xerrors doesn't show any problem (it calls all the vga routines to
restore the display back to normal)

I am trying to use a 800x600x256 screen, however a 640x400x256 still causes
the same problem.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Help would be muchly appreciated.


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