X server freezes

X server freezes

Post by Alex Le » Sat, 25 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I've been having a strange problem with X. When X starts, sometimes it
seems as though either the mouse and keyboard have completely stopped
responding or the X server itself has frozen.

My system:
o Celeron 300A (overclocked to 450)
o 128 mb ram
o graphics: Diamond Viper 770 (TNT2) 32 mb
o distribution: Debian 2.1 (or higher? i've been doing upgrades w/ apt
from the unstable package tree)
o SVGA xserver, ver. 3.3.5
o window manager: blackbox (0.51.?)

When it freezes, the system appears to still be running--in my .xinitrc
i launch wmnet, and it continues to show network activity, even though
my mouse and keyboard both don't work.

Sometimes, I think it freezes when I move my mouse as X is starting,
other times it just freezes, and sometimes it freezes when I switch back
to a regular console and then go back to X. And then, maybe 50% of the
time, everything is fine and dandy and X runs without any problems

I would definitely appreciate any help on this matter.



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I have two problems that really suck.
The first is:
I can run dip and get my slip connection working, but when someone tries
to telnet into my machine, it either gives them...

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

or it gives them the login, and you can proceed to login.
The first time it dosn't give them the log in or anything, just
connection closes on them.
Sometimes when I start linux people can't log in at all, and other times
it works fine. Other times it dosn't work at first then you might try
back again and it will work. It dosn't matter if you use the ip# or the
name address.

My second problem is:

Stupid think FREEZES!
Everytime I start up linux and get on my slip, it will freeze after about
5 minutes. There are no messages and no warnings, it just freezes and I
can't do anything.

Please reply if you have any ideas what the hell is wrong!

Thanks in advance.

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