SIS 5595 and IBM 8514

SIS 5595 and IBM 8514

Post by James Acom » Sun, 24 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello all, I am having problems with a new motherboard I recently
purchased. It has
an on-board SIS 5595 Video Chip, and uses 1-8 meg of System memory
(setup from
BIOS). My monitor is an 8514. In all the documentation I've read for SIS
controllers I've seen support for SIS 6326, SIS 5597/8 devices, but not
for the 5595?.
I downloaded the XSIS server from suse. and couldn't get it to work?..
Was wondering if anyone else out there has this video chip and got it to
and more importantly, how?.....

Thanx in advance....



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I recently purchase a new PCChips M598 motherboard that uses the SiS 530
I can't get 1024x768 to run on my new machine?...I'm using the same
Modelines that
worked with my old Trident 9680, and my 640x768 resolution works just
fine, but
when I <ctrl><alt><kp+> to get to 1024x768, I get a scrambled window,
looks like
it is overclocking my old (but reliable) IBM 8514 monitor.

I set the Chipset to sis6205, am using the SVGA server, options
"noaccel, sw_cursor"
and it still won't go. Any ideas?




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