ATI VGA Wonder V5 and XF86 2.1

ATI VGA Wonder V5 and XF86 2.1

Post by Marc Aurele La Fran » Wed, 25 Jan 1995 07:35:27

Quote:>    Hello, I'm trying to set up XFree86 ver 2.1 on a friends machine
> with a ATI VGA Wonder V5.  In one of the readme files for the SVGA
> version of the server, this version of the card is listed as 'might
> work'.  So far, I haven't had much luck configuring the system, and was
> wondering if this had something to do with it.  Thanks.  BTW, how much
> functionality do you lose if you decide to run the Japanese Extensions to
> Linux on a system w/o X?

Try upgrading to 3.1, or preferably, wait for 3.1.1 due out RSN.

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