Problems with X using Cirrus Logic GL-GD7548 (laptop)

Problems with X using Cirrus Logic GL-GD7548 (laptop)

Post by Eric Harl » Tue, 08 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Just got a laptop with Windoze95 and replace it with Linux.  However, I am
unable to get X running.  XF86Setup works great, but when it tries to start X
with the configuration, it screws up.

I tried xf86config, but I can't get it up either.

Also, the glidepoint pad didn't seem to work either.  Anyone have one of these

Help appreciated.



1. Cirrus Logic GD7548

HI all,
        I intend to buy a notebook with the new
        video chipset of Cirrus Logic
        Does anybody know if the drivers for
        GD7541/43 also work for that one or
        if someone is building a driver for that

        Didier Queloz

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