Matrox Impression cards under X-Windows

Matrox Impression cards under X-Windows

Post by Swinto » Wed, 20 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I've got X-Windows (fvwm, owm etc.) working under Linux (1.1.59?
something like that), but X-Windows is only working in 640x480 in a small
number of colours.

The machine is a 486DX4-100 (PCI) 8MB etc, and I've got a Matrox Impression
card (2MB), which should allow me something like 1024x768 in several thousand
colours (as testified by Win*o*s), but try as I might, I just CANNOT get
X-Windows to give me a decent screen.

Can ANYONE help? I can't be the ONLY person to have bought such
a decent graphics card, surely?...

PS. I can't get the *y quota system working either. There HAS to be
    a simple way, without recompiling kernels, downloading this that and
    the other,etc. I've gone through the man pages, and I've got all the
    quota progs (edquota, quotaon etc.), but when I run 'em with the
    appropriate arguments, they just sit there and do nothing! HELP!


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Matrox Impression cards under X-Windows

Post by R.D. Auchterloun » Sat, 23 Dec 1995 04:00:00


Quote:>The machine is a 486DX4-100 (PCI) 8MB etc, and I've got a Matrox Impression
>card (2MB), which should allow me something like 1024x768 in several thousand

Things to do:

1. Read XFree86 documentation, look for "supported hardware" section,
   search for "Matrox" - not there, conclusion ?

2. Read Hardware-compatibility-HOWTO  (on comp.os.linux.answers),
   search for "Matrox" and find pointers to commercial servers
   which _do_ support their cards...

3. If interested in why you have to pay for your server, phone Matrox
   and ask them for documentation on how to program their cards
   at low-level ie. without using their DOS/Windows drivers.

... Somewhere way down the list might be "post to newsgroup asking
same question someone asks every week without fail..."



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with X 3.1.2 on Linux 1.2.13. I'm using a Compaq 151FS Monitor which supports
1280x1024. Compaq doesn't lend any information due to proprietary information which
turns out not to even be theirs but is Matrox information. Matrox Impression was what
a Compaq Tech told me to look for but that turned up Zip.
I know this card will run with a mono or a 64 bit driver but I need the modelins and
the clocks.

Any information or comments welcome I simply want to get this working.
I'm a poor student who just cant aford 100$ for the Xinsides Server which is the only
X that supports this card to my knowledge.

Richard Welch
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