wnidow maker "programs" cascade menu doesn't show up

wnidow maker "programs" cascade menu doesn't show up

Post by Xiaowen Wan » Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hi there:

I'm using window maker, it's working fine. However, in the Application popup
menu, the "programs" cascade menu doesn't show up. In the WMRootmenu file,
it's set just like the default setting in plmenu:

("programs", OPEN_MENU, "| wmconfig --output wmaker 2>/dev/null"),

Whenever I point to this program entry in application popup menu, it just
pop up a menu title "programs", and nothing follows.

Thanks very much in advance



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                 ^                                        ^
Wrong quotes, should be -
   echo "You have" `grep Subject: /usr/spool/mail/me | wc -l` "messages."
or -
   echo "You have `grep Subject: /usr/spool/mail/me | wc -l` messages."

But, another problem is, if you've no mail, /usr/spool/mail/me does not
exist, leading grep to say:
   grep: can't open /usr/spool/mail/me
Wc will still report 0.

You might try -
   sh -c 'echo "You have `grep 2>/dev/null Subject: /usr/spool/mail/me | wc -l` messages."'

Hope this helps.

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