Matrox Millenium 1 with RedHat 7.1

Matrox Millenium 1 with RedHat 7.1

Post by David W.E. Robert » Wed, 07 Aug 2002 00:41:09

thanks - also just found the mapping to the mga driver in the XF86Config-4
Still think the XFree bundled with RedHat 7.1 should handle an original
Matrox Millenium 1 (1995 vintage) as this used to be a popular card.
Oh, well - I have ordered a new PCI card (no AGP in my P120) but am now
reading badish things about Geforce 2 cards.
Dave R

> > I have looked at which
> > states that the card is supported by the XF86_SVGA server with the mga
> > driver.

> current is 4.2.0 and it looks like you are using 3.3.x

> > Does the line 'Device Matrox Millenium' map onto the 'mga' driver, or
> > should I replace 'svga' with 'mga'?

> No try to upgrade to 4.2.0 then you should be able to use the mga driver.

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> Henrik Farre