XF86Config for Thinkpad 560

XF86Config for Thinkpad 560

Post by same » Wed, 07 Aug 1996 04:00:00

        Does anyone have an XF86Config file for a Thinkpad 560?


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1. XF86config on ThinkPad 560

I've been trying to set up the XF86Config on my 560 to get a 800x600
screen, but without much success. According to SuperProbe it contains a
Trident GUI9660 chipset. The XF86Setup does create a config file that
works, but only at 640x480. I've tried some 800x600 setups from other
config files (though this seems dangerous to me) and has only given me a
grey screen so far. Has anyone managed to get the 800x600 working on
this machine yet?


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