Dual head config for Matrox G400 Max?

Dual head config for Matrox G400 Max?

Post by Alan » Sun, 26 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have been trying to get my Matrox G400 Max card to do dual head display.

Has anyone gotten this to work?  I have tried multiple times under various
versions of XFree86 and have not had much luck.

I have found no useful FAQs on the net about getting this done.  Any


1. Matrox G400 MAX, dual head support under X?

Hi everyone.  I am thinking ahead to constructing a new kick ass Linux
system and I am interested in getting the new Matrox g400 Max video
card (the one with 32Mb of RAM).  This card supports two monitors at
once under Winblows.  Is this sort of thing supported yet under X
(Xfree86?).  If not I guess I can just settle for the G400 with the
single head and only 16Mb of RAM.  Any suggestions?

Also if you had an unlimited amount of money what would be the most
kick-ass video card out there to buy (2D or 3D)?


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