Debian v1.2 color xterm how?

Debian v1.2 color xterm how?

Post by Brian C. Lan » Mon, 24 Mar 1997 04:00:00

  I'm running xdm/fvwm from Debian v1.2, and cannot figure out how to get
color to work. Color ls is installed and running (the directories show up
as bold instead of color). I have set the TERM=xterm-color and run the
xterm with +bdc +cm +dc +ulc with no effect.

  Any hints?


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1. debian q's: color-xterm, libraries

Does anyone know of a color xterm that I can get running fairly easily
w/ Debian Linux 1.2?  I've tried the one on Sunsite, but it has problems
w/ termcap, and I've tried using alien to install RedHat 4.0's but it
cannot find the library ""  Also, does anyone know of a
color xterm or rvxt that has slang support, or even ncurses?  I can get
ls to run in color under rxvt, but that's about it.
        Also, i've installed the midnight commander package, and it
refuses to
run because it cannot find the library.  I've done searches
on the hard drive and the file isn't there.

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