video chipset and specs for Toshiba 610CT?

video chipset and specs for Toshiba 610CT?

Post by Jim Van Zan » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to set up X windows on my new Toshiba 610CT Portege
notebook computer.  I have XFree86 version 3.1.2 from the Slackware
3.0 distribution.  The configuration program, xf86config, asks for:
        - video chipset
        - horizontal sync frequencies
        - vertical sync frequencies
        - amount of video memory
        - programmable clock chip (if any)
How should I answer?

With the SVGA server, X -probeonly told me I had only one video clock
(approximately 28.3 MHz), and only 256 KB of video memory (yet, it's
supposed to support a 1024x768x256 color mode??).  I invented this

This works.  However, I don't know whether the 67.44 Hz vertical sync
or the 35.38 kHz horizontal sync are stressing something.

Does anyone have details on this machine?

                             - Jim Van Zandt