backspace mapping in kvt...

backspace mapping in kvt...

Post by Matthew Whitwor » Fri, 27 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I just re-installed KDE Beta 3 (libc6) on my RedHat 5.0 system only to
discover that my backspace key seems to be mapped incorrectly, but only
when I run kvt.

I've twiddled with the Options->Terminal dialog and neither '^?' or '^H'
works.  No matter what I do, hitting backspace (or the delete key for that
matter) writes a tilde ('~') to the terminal.  This is slowly driving me

rxvt and xterm both work perfectly and I haven't noticed this problem in
any other K apps.

If anyone has any idea what's going on here I'd really appreciate the
help.  Thanks.

Matthew Whitworth
PCNS 313.763.6408


1. KDE: kvt + zsh -- problem with BACKSPACE

When I invoke zsh from within kvt and try using BACKSPACE key,
it does something odd -- it moves cursor to the right instead of
left. Funny thing is: it *does* erase characters to the *left* of its
original position, you just can't tell it does that by looking at
your kvt window. Zsh under xterm as well as bash under kvt work
properly. Playing with different setting in "Terminal" option of
kvt yielded no results. Linux version is Slackware 3.4, KDE is Beta 4.


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