KDE error?

KDE error?

Post by ivan.. » Fri, 15 Jan 1999 04:00:00


        I installed KDE desktop and get an error:
kcontrol: error in loading shared libraries
/opt/kde/lib/libkdecore.so.1: undefined symbol:

all on one line.  This error is repeated for kwm,and the other startup
programs.  I think the library is loaded just a problem with the
particular symbol that PaintDevice that is the cause of the all the
errors. Any ideas?



1. KDE Errors: QSocketNotifier: Internal Error!

  I am having a serious problem with KDE.  Currently, I'm running on a P100,
16 megs RAM, 32 megs swap, with about 55 megs available on my HD that
contains KDE.  I'm running XFree86 3.1 with the Mach64 3.3 server, and LibC
v 5.3.12, and kernel version 2.0.29... not that any of that should make a
difference.  Anyway, whenever I try and 1) Create New -> <anything at all>,
when I try to run programs from the KPanel, or basically try to do anything
productive with KDE, I get the following:

QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket specified
QSocketNotifier: Internal error

And whatever operation I tried to perform does not work.  For example, to
generate the above output, I started X, went to the KPanel menu and simply
tried to run kvt from the menu (System->UNIX, I think).  After I selected
the option, kvt didn't come up, and the above messages appeared on the

I checked the Qt web-site, and a bug related to QSocketNotifier was
mentioned, so, I got what they said was an "Inter-rim Release" that was
supposed to contain the bug fix.  I downloaded and compiled Qt, installed
the new lib, created the appropriate symbolic links, and lo and behold...
there was absolutely NO change!!  Now, because KDE is dynamically linked to
Qt, upgrading the Qt dynamic libs should enable the bug fix, but it didn't,
and I did run ldconfig, etc, so the libs are correctly installed.

I'm running the latest version of the KDE RPM (0.12.2, I think), and I've
only installed kde.<blah>.rpm... none of the add-ons (utils, networking,
games, etc), but I should at a least be able to run kvt (not to mention
create/delete folders, links, or other things, which I can't do, which
basically paralyzes the system...)

If ANYONE has had this problem with KDE, I'd really appreciate some tips on
either 1) How to work around this, or 2) Fix the bug... I really like KDE,
it's a wonderful system, and I know it's Alpha, but I've never seen this
error mentioned before, so perhaps someone could help.  Thanks to anyone who
responds!  Later!


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