PEX-FONT Problem ROMAN_M (using Trident 9445 beta driver)

PEX-FONT Problem ROMAN_M (using Trident 9445 beta driver)

Post by Colin Hooke » Thu, 29 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I hope I am not being a burk but I am having great trouble resolving a
problem with X from Slackware official CD release 3.0
I have loaded the X series disks selecting generic SVGA server. Since I
have a Trident 9445 video card I am using a beta copy of 3.1.2b server
copied over the one loaded from CD. All the CD font options have been
installed. When I start X all seems ok until I try to load x-applications
eg xfilemanager. This app starts to load then aborts. The error message
on the console reads

PEXExtensionInit: Can't load default PEX font file ROMAN_M

I have checked all the font files and cannot find any reference to ROMAN

Can anyone advise on how to;

Fool the system into thinking ROMAN_M font exists or ...
Get a copy of the correct font file or ...
Instruct PEX? to use an alternative font file

Thanks for any help you can offer;



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I just installed the DR2 release of mklinux on a Powermac 6100/60 with AV
video.  Everything went flawlessly except that I cannot run X.  I
get the following message when attempting "startx" or even just "X":

   PEXExtension Init: couldn't open default PEX font file Roman_M
   Fatal Server Error
   Couldn't allocate client map in XkbInitDevice
   xinit: Unknown error (error 2): unexpected signal 13

There is, in /usr/X11R6.1/lib/X11/fonts/PEX two files -- one is
named "Roman_M.phont" and the other has a similar extension.  Is this

What else could be happening?  Any advise from other Macintosh AV users out
there?  Is there source for an X server that doesn't depend on X fonts
available for mklinux?

Thanks in advance.

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