How to change the size of menu's fonts in X Windows

How to change the size of menu's fonts in X Windows

Post by root » Sun, 08 Oct 2000 02:49:59

Dear All,

        I'm using RH6.2, and I had installed some packages for reading
chinese and input chinese, but after that, I'm successful this issus,
but the chinese fonts is large that my expectation, so I would like to
this fonts size la...........How la ????

Bst Regard,
Ken Chan


1. How to change size of fonts in app menus?

I've recently configured my RedHat 6.1/Gnome/Enlightenment
system to use 100dpi TrueType fonts (very pretty), but have no
idea how to change the default size used in common UI components
like menus, window title bars, listboxes, etc.  For example, I'd
love it if Netscape, StarOffice, and other non-Gtk apps would
use a smaller version of my custom system font (in my case MS
Comic Sans TrueType) to render their top-level menus and text
widgets.  The Gnome Control Center allows me to set a custom
font, and give a size, but it doesn't apply here.  I'd also love
to change my Gtk+ and E themes (AbsoluteE-DR16) to use a larger
font for window title bars, but I imagine this may require
recreating the whole theme.  So, does anyone have any
suggestions?  Does anyone know of an X-based tool which will
allow me to configure this graphically?  Unfortunately, the FDU
How-To was no help for me, so I've taken my case here.

Thanks in advance.

PS:  Why are the threads started by trolls always the longest?
Can't we just ignore them and save the bandwidth?

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