dxpc 2.0 (non-beta) now available

dxpc 2.0 (non-beta) now available

Post by Brian Pa » Sat, 27 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I've uploaded the final, non-beta release of dxpc version 2.0 to
   ftp.x.org:  /contrib/utilities/dxpc-2.0.tar.gz
   ftp.sunsite.edu:  /pub/Linux/Incoming/dxpc-2.0.tar.gz
         (eventually /pub/Linux/X11/xutils/dxpc-2.0.tar.gz)

dxpc is an X protocol compressor designed to improve the speed
of X11 applications run over low-bandwidth links (like 28.8Kb/s
PPP connections).  Version 2.0 achieves 3:1 to 6:1 compression
of the X protocol traffic for a wide variety of applications.

Thanks to everybody who provided feedback on the 2.0 beta releases.

brian pane


1. X protocol compressor - dxpc 2.0 final beta released

I have uploaded dxpc-2.0beta4, the final planned beta release of
dxpc-2.0, to ftp.x.org:/contrib/utilities/dxpc-2.0beta4.tar.gz.

dxpc is an X11 protocol compressor designed to speed up X applications
run over low-bandwidth network connections (such as 28.8Kb/s PPP links).

dxpc-2.0beta4 is the last planned beta release of dxpc-2.0.  The final,
non-beta dxpc-2.0 release probably will be distributed in a week or two.
Thus, if you encounter any problems with dxpc-2.0beta4, please report
them soon.

From the dxpc-2.0beta4 README file:

brian pane

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