xfs problems, some queries

xfs problems, some queries

Post by Rizwan Ansa » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 10:58:42

Hi, ?
I am currently trying to use xfs to solve my font problems. Is there a
way by which xfs will ALWAYS default to a certain font regardless of
whether the one requested by my X application is scalable or not. I
was thinking that if I precede the scalable fonts before the
non-scalable ones in the fontpath, that will achieve the purpose. ?
any suggestions would be helpful... ?
my questions might reveal a lack of basic understanding of the entire
process that goes on inside xfs (the amount of documentation doesn't
help either).

so it would be great if someone can explain how xfs handles scaling of
fonts and which type of fonts (monospace, Type1, TrueType etc) are



1. xfs problems ; xfs fails to start properly.??

I had some terrible problems with my system (whereby it just crashed
and i moved the /bin and /lib files etc to another partition) but/and
have somehow managed to get it up, now.
however my Xwindows which was running previosly in runlevel 5 mode
during boot-up now fails to start. my runlevel 3 works and i am
managing to start my X from there.
also the 'xfs' service fails to start.
if i check its status, i get the message
xfs dead but pid file exists
i tried deleting the file manually and then restarting the service but
that didnt work either.
it used to first cry about the

FontPath     "unix/:7100" error not found when i tried starting X even
in runlevel 3 mode, but after i commented that line out it managed to

I also tried after that doing an rpm -F (freshen) on
XFree86-base-fonts and XFree86-xfs
but yet that didnt help starting the xfs service properly. (i guess
there must be somekinda other packages that must be related with it)

but could someone help me out with this ?

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