19 May LinuxCAD v 1.5

19 May LinuxCAD v 1.5

Post by Roger Pittm » Wed, 20 May 1998 04:00:00

>   New high quality professional CAD and visual modelling software
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  Your frequent posts to inappropriate newsgroups (spam) is generating
considerable ill-will, costing you more potential sales than it generates.
The appropriate group is comp.os.linux.announce. Please restrict future
posts to that group.

  First attempt  - send above reply
  Second attempt - post this followup
  Third attempt  - hey India, ...



1. 19 May LinuxCAD v 1.5

  (more junk lines removed)

You bastards don't learn do you?  You have been spamming the Linux
groups for months, despite all the complaints, and even duplicated
your messages today.  Don't you realize that many of us now will
recommend that nobody ever use any  products from a company as
obnoxious as you are?  You are getting 'free' advertising, but it
is now getting to be negative advertising.


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