The Next Level and Fvwm2 together?

The Next Level and Fvwm2 together?

Post by juli.. » Mon, 10 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Is anyone out there running Fvwm2 with the Next Level configuration
files that came as the default window manager along with fvwm95?

I am attempting to do this without success. The best I have been able
to do is to run fvwm95/next level combo and to then take the post m4
proccessed .fvwm2rc file, put in the right module path for fvwm2, save
it in my home directory and then run fvwm2 from Xclients.

Any help would be appreciated.

Julian Burke


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well after weeks of reading and cramming, i finally worked-out all the
problems on my linux+windows LAN. I can now share internet access and all
that good stuff. Now i would like install/setup a diskless linux client
 i'll boot the client trhough the floppy drive...the only drive on the
machine) and in theory the linux server would send the GUI and everything
else to the client console, generally speaking of course. Time for the
questions:  Have any of you in this NG attempted to do this? and what where
the results? Where did you find the documentation to guide you? ( i've read
through the how-to but i would like to have third party documentation, if
available. )

As with most other things i'm sure that this project will involve a lot of
trial & error
which will probably teach me more than any book available.....

Ruben Ortiz

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