What is the best Linux Motif port?

What is the best Linux Motif port?

Post by David S. Grego » Mon, 20 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I want to develop an OSF/Motif application on my Linux box at home
and ftp the source to a Sun/Sparc and rebuild the executable on the
remote site.  The Sun is using Motif 1.2.

I am assuming I should be able to purchase Motif 2.0 and code
the application using Motif 1.2 features.

Any thoughts about Metro-X and Red Hat?  Any other vendors out there I
can investigate?

Thanks for your comments.

David S. Gregory


1. Help. Porting from Motif 1.2 to Motif 2.0

I am currently porting an application to Linux using SWiM Motif version 2.0.
This is actually two first since the application has only previously been
compiled under Motif 1.2. I have encountered some problems and I think it
could be due to the version of Motif I am using.

An example is that the FileSelectionDialog no longer seems to work. When
selected it does appear though both selection boxes are always empty and
remain so.

Also, all children dialogs, such as the FileSelectionDialog, when envoked
do not have a 'motif' type border and hence can not be resized.

If anybody has any clues, or if anybody knows of any FAQs on porting
Motif 1.2 applications to Motif 2.0, all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all of the Linux Commuity.
haydar peer

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